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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bug or Feature? Part 1 of ???

This is the first in an unknown number of posts about bugs vs features.  It was inspired by the following.

I was recently discussing XenDesktop with a co-worker and he mentioned a problem he was having with it.  He wasn't able to use XenDesktop with his multi-monitor setup at home, and had spent at least 30 minutes looking for a setting or flag to get this to work when he found this YouTube video.  90 seconds later, his problem was solved.  So the question is - Is this "fix" for multi-monitors in XenDesktop a bug or a feature?

Another example of this is my personal favorite, from ancient times when it comes to technology and software.  In Microsoft FrontPage 98 (a web page design program, before they was common place and readily available on the interwebs), a user could essentially format the C: drive of the computer they were working on inside the program itself, by doing some file management, selecting all the files & folders on the C: drive, and deleting them.  There was no warning box, no confirmation window, nothing to prevent this from happening.  When brought to Microsoft's attention, people were told that file management was a 'feature' of FrontPage 98.  A 'feature', indeed. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft unveils Surface

Words that sum up my thoughts on the June 18, 2012 announcement from Microsoft of the new Surface tablets that will run various flavors of Windows 8:  Wow.  Game-changer.  Stunning.  Exciting. 

Will I get one?  Not in the foreseeable future, which is 99% a financial decision.  Would I like one?  Yes, it would be fun to compare a Surface tablet with an iPad 2. :)  I think the biggest chicane to widespread adoption is the traditional one - applications.  Without compelling apps, people won't buy it.  That's been the key, IMHO, to Apple's success with the iPod and iPad - Apps, lots of apps, and lots of high-quality apps.  Hey, here's a sure-fire way to kick-start sales - have PopCap announce a Plants vs. Zombies sequel that will be exclusive to the Surface tablets for the first 12 months. :D