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Monday, March 03, 2008

Time flies....

Time flies when you don't pay attention to your blog. :) It's been a year, I figure it's time to update this puppy.

I'm with a different company now, having been terminated by my former employer for "not meeting my billable revenue target" and "not improving consulting skills to a level we think is appropriate". All talk and no action, that was their treatment of me. Talk about having a problem with me, but do nothing to help. The billable revenue target was garbage also - I'm not responsible for selling my services, the Sales team is/was. My opinion of my Practice Lead is, shall we say, somewhat derogatory and it was that way for many months prior to my departure. The guy has no clue, no leadership skills, and no communication skills. My departure was their loss, not mine - I'm working and making more than I was there, so I can't complain. I received an astounding amount of well-wishes from people within the company after I was let go, and I was humbled to know I had a positive relationship with so many people.

What else....

Exchange 2007 SP1 is out! I expect this to spur adoption of the Exchange 2007 platform, which is sad because Exchange 2007 RTM was a solid product out of the gate. Not perfect, but still really good. I hope to help companies roll this out in the coming months.

Vista SP1 is out! But.... it's not available to the unwashed masses yet. You need to be an MSDN or TechNet Plus subscriber to get it right now. GA is estimated as later this month. I did some beta testing with this and it definitely makes the Vista experience better, especially with file copying.

Windows Server 2008 is RTM! I think this is going to be something between revolutionary and evolutionary. Microsoft finally stripped the OS down to it's core components and let admins add in what they need. And I'm excited to be able to play with Hyper-V someday! I'm somewhat versed in VMware's ESX Server, so I'm naturally curious about a competing product and how they stack up to one another.

Shameless plug - see Kevin Remde's blog (the link is listed on the right column) for a code to get $100 off of a TechNet Plus subsccription. The code is good thru May 2008, I believe.

That's it for now. Have a good one... if anyone reads this. :)

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